We can install new radiators or towel rails in your property. There are many different types and sizes of radiators depending on your needs. If you need professional advice on your radiators, call us now

Replacing and installing a radiator

There are a range of radiator styles available to suit all rooms and budgets, such as slim, traditional, flat, vertical and designer. We can source and supply any style you like.

You may find that your single panel radiator is not heating the room efficiently, so you may decide that a double panel radiator would be more suitable. Or maybe the room is just too large to be heated by a single radiator, therefore requiring the installation of a second radiator or a double radiator.

Our engineers can assess the current system and advise you where extra radiators can be added. If you are replacing the radiators, the engineer will tell you if it will be a straight swap or if any adjustments will need to be made to the existing pipe work.

Some people like to have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (“TRVs”) fitted as these can adjust the temperature of the radiator to suit your needs. This will give you complete control over your radiator so that it emits heat at your preferred comfort level.

Removing radiators

If you are having a room decorated, many people choose to have the radiators removed temporarily until the wall has been painted. This means that the decorating job can be finished properly. In this situation, we would come to your property and remove the necessary radiators ready for decorating and then return after the walls have been painted to refit them. At this point you may decide to fit new Thermostatic Radiator Valves (“TRV”s).

Repairing a radiator

Over time, your radiators can become blocked with sludge that can impede the efficiency of the radiators.

If the radiator is warm at the bottom, yet cold at the top, it is likely that there is a build-up of air that needs releasing. This can be done by bleeding the radiator while the central heating is turned off.

Sometimes the radiator valves can stop working. Replacing the valves for TRVs is a simple job that will give you greater control over the heat output of the radiator. TRVs control the temperature of the room by regulating the flow of hot water to the radiator.

If a radiator has a hole in it, then the radiator must be replaced. You may find that this is cheaper than you think and you can also replace the valves for TRVs at the same time. Call us now if you would like any more information on replacing your radiators or TRVs. We are more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you.


Radiators can be simply seen as a means of distributing heat into a room, or they can be a design feature. Whichever way you look at them, you will notice their absence if they stop working – especially in the winter months.

Radiators that are cold or partially cold are often this way because there is sludge trapped in them. The sludge tends to sink to the bottom of the radiator. This is why radiators can sometimes feel cold at the bottom and hot at the top. If the sludge is removed by power flushing, then the water is able to circulate around the whole radiator rather than just the top part of that radiator.