According to the HSE you must ensure that pipework is maintained in a safe condition. This will normally involve a programme of regular inspections, and any necessary repairs, this includes

test for soundness on the whole gas system, including installation pipework
visually examine the pipework (as far as is reasonably practicable)

We provide a site specific consultancy and service for the testing and commissioning of gas pipework which includes;

  • Pipe line surveys and CAD gas line diagrams 
  • Strength testing of new installation pipework
  • Pressure testing gas supply pipework for gas tightness for compliance
  • Leak testing and identification
  • De-commissioning of redundant pipeline
    • We can De-commission gas supplies using nitrogen and specialist purge equipment. We are able to purge equipment where modifications or repairs are required on gas supply pipework in a safe manner and according to IGE1 or IGE1a. We have Nitrogen in our stores ready to go in case of emergency gas leaks where the pipework may need to be de-commissioned
  • Alterations of existing pipelines
  • New installations
  • Detailed site surveys

Gas Pipework