Condensation is also frequently present within an air-handling unit, which provides heated or chilled air. The resultant moisture can cause corrosion to drip trays and floors.

 Filter changing is a further service that can be provided, We have access to a wide range of filter suppliers who can provide bag and panel filters in all sizes and specifications

The replacement of drive belts and pully’s is sometimes needed to maintain performance or alter airflow and we have the engineering ability to conduct such work. Irrespective of age or make the spares and expertise are available to ensure that you get the most from your air handling unit plant.

Our experienced engineers have an in depth knowledge of the operational and maintenance requirements of all types of air handling unit. A detailed examination of the unit will be undertaken so that a quotation covering all the required elements i.e. coil cleaning, filter replacement and drive belts can be prepared

Air Handling Units

As well as installing Air handling units we carry out a bespoke servicing contract for your unit.

Although commercial and industrial premises can have a legal obligation to have your boiler and heating plant serviced one of the main reasons to have your air handling unit serviced is to save money. The more efficiently this unit runs, the more money you will save in your energy bills.

At either end of a supply or extract ventilation system there will be an air handling unit or extraction fan. The cleanliness and performance of the system can be compromised if debris is allowed to build up on coils in chambers and on fan blades.